Monday, May 9, 2011

The excitement is building

Today is Monday - the start of another week! The only difference about this week is....MUSTANGS ON FRIDAY! Can you tell I am getting SOSOSOSOSO EXCITED?? When I try to close my eyes at night - thats all I can think about!!

I have had lots of time to think, plan & process what all I am going to do when I get the mustangs to the farm, BUT what I really need to start thinking about is how well my dirt skiing skills are! Do you think I will get lucky and get two cupcakes who will just walk up to me with loving eyes so happy to have a new owner??? Ha - I think not! Hey it doesn't hurt to dream does it?!?! So, this is why I am EVER SO thankful for the awesome husband I have bc I know he won't let me get drug around too long before he steps in to help me (or save, rescue, protect me)- whew... thank goodness I made a good choice in husbands! HA

For those of you who don't really know me... I am a list-a-holic! I plan my life out each day with a list and mark things off as I go. So, its only natural that this week there are mutlitple lists to complete! I have a list of things to get finished at the barn before Thursday, a list of things to complete in our new tack room apartment, and a notebook of things to get done at house before all our friends arrive.... BUT at the top of my list is a new pair of really good gloves. I am just a little attached to the skin on my hands; I really don't care to have it all removed from the mustangs pulling or sending me dirt skiing. Sorry folks.. I am might be tough, but I like my skin ON my hands, not burnt off or ripped off!

So... as I plan my goal list for Friday - I am not even sure where to start! This uncertainity has my mind a little boggled. I plan out everything, but with this I don't think my planning will truly have any impact. So... I am a free bird just waiting to take flight into the unknown on Friday! (I am really not this deep of a thinker, but the word choice just cracked me up as I read it aloud! HAHAHA) Back to reality -I am SO excited that all I can think about is pulling up to Piney Woods bright and early Friday morning and getting my two new "babies" loaded up and headed to the barn. There is a bit of optimism & skeptisism in my thoughts though, I think Mimzee (the paint mare) will be much more passive and easier than The Fonz (the little gelding). I think just by watching his mannerisms on the video a thousand and one times, that he might have a little of the Napolean syndrome going on - we shall see Friday!

So.... I shall be like a kid on Christmas Eve Thursday night - I won't be able to sleep a wink. I would seriously go to Piney Woods and sleep in my truck and trailer, but pretty positive they won't allow that and those actions might possibly border on horse stalker mentality! (BIG sigh)... I guess we will just have to get up at the crack of dawn and let the journey begin then!

I should stop typing now and get back to double checking all my lists to make sure I haven't overlooked anything super duper important for me to get accomplished this week. These are the weeks that I think cloning is an awesome idea... if only. Well since that action isn't possible, I will just double up on Rolaids and stomach meds!

Hope everyone has an awesome week! Stay tuned to the adventure - it hasn't even started yet!

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