Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Mustangs Have Entered the Round Pen!

Well, let's see where do I start?

Thursday night.......
Going to sleep was really hard! Enough said about that, on to better things.

Friday morning.....
We left the house for Piney Woods about 7:30. Our buddy Billy met us at the house and rode with us. Pick up started at 8. We were 4th in line. Our extended barn family the Wards met us there as well. When it came our time, I gave Stanley my brand new halters and lead ropes to put on my "babies". They rounded up The Fonz first. He was quite the gentleman. He ran into the chute and haltered without any problems. He literally jumped 7 feet to get in the trailer, but did so without any problems. Next they rounded up Mimzee.... in the corrals she was so timid and withdrawn. Well, someone fed her some dynamite bc when they ran her into the chute, she tried to seriously give her self brain damage from all the flailing and throwing her head she was doing. Stanley tried for a while to get the halter on her, but she didn't think that was the best idea! I can't believe she didn't like that brand new beautiful bright pink halter and lead rope I bought her! She did finally get it on, but she didn't like it NOT one bit! Ummmm, I think I might rethink the term babies. They aren't acting sweet right now! So, with both my mustangs in the trailer - barn here we come!

The ride for us is short from Piney Woods, it's all of about 11 miles to the barn. Cohn backed the trailer into the round pen entrance. We loaded Mimzee first thinking she would be the easiest to work first - well so much for that fading thought! She has decided that people are NOT her friends and she really doesn't care much for us. She snorted so much all I could do was laugh. Apparently the other mustangs had never spoken to her about self preservation - she has none! Mimzee doesn't like her head touched or any part to be touched as of right now! We thought she would be the easier of the two - man were we wrong! Cohn worked and fouight with her a while, but then we decided she needed to rest and take in the sights. Maybe The Fonz was telepathecially send her messages of what she "should" be doing! Cohn unloaded the The Fonz. He lept from the back of the trailer to almost the center of the round pen. Man, this little dude has some serious atheletism. He snorted and blew and pranced around like some sort of Trojan horse. He is the cutest little thing, but whew does he need some serious spa time. His mane is a dreadlock and what it left of his tail is one hot mess! I can see now, I will be spending lots of time at Sallys Beauty Supply looking for things to help this man out - I mean its not pretty!
Cohn worked with them about 3 hours then our good friend Marsha from Fl arrived. She too has 2 mustangs to pick up from Piney Woods. Our dear friend Billy was at the barn and Cohn handed The Fonz over to him. Cohn told him if he didn't do anything else... just aggravate the stew out of him! Billy didn't hesitate, he grabbed the lead rope and it was on! We were gone about 2 hours and when we came back - a miracle had happened at DLFS! Billy had him leading and rubbing all over him and he was even laying down! He and Mimzee were not best friends. Billy said, "you gave me a blister horse, so now I see how its going to be with us!" You know you have friends and then you have FRIENDS and Billy is one of those who sticks with you no matter what - blisters and all. Thanks Billy -you are "The Man".

When Cohn & Marsha arrived back at the barn - there are now 4 wild mustangs at the barn! Have we lost our minds - yes I think we have. Cohn had called in reinforcements with a good friend of our Asa Pippen from GA. He was coming to help Cohn & Billy out this weekend. He showed up and here is where the weekend gets good. I have literally never in my life laughed so much and so hard as I did this weekend with those 3 guys. The things they say and how they act - well there just aren't words! We had so much fun the first 6 hours with those 3 and those 4 mustangs. They would take turns and then make fun of each other.... those of you who missed out on this fun and entertainment, let me just say- it was a show!

Saturday night after a LONG day of work - we had a cookout with tons of good food and lots of laughs! The guys were at times more entertaining than the mustangs... they were hysterical. It was a great day with lots of progress. I bet I know 3 guys who will sleep well. The funny thing is - all 3 guys have rope burns, blisters and 2 of them have hematomas on their legs, but Marsha and I are unscathed! Why is that you ask - because we are WAY smarter than they and let them do all the nasty yucky stuff.

Long story short - we made HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE progress with the mustangs this weekend! The Fonz is AWESOME and is ready to learn. Mimzee made gigantic leaps and bounds. She let us start touching her and she lunges now. I have some truly phenomenal pics of all 4 horses and some of the flying ballet moves they would make as they tried to play nice with the humans. I am not sure how to post those, but will work on that.

Lots to see and do with them this week- I have made my list of goals, so we shall see how well that goes!

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