Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A New Day... A New Dawn

I am SO excited over the progress both mustangs have made. Mimzee is super smart & athletic! She does some phenomenal things. Her tail has also grown about 5 inches since the video was filmed in November. I am REALLY excited about that. I am MORE excited about the fact she lets me rub her, touch her & the look in her eyes for some reason makes my heart melt! She has hip numbers branded on her which means she went through 3 adoptions and no one wanted her or she has been in long tern capitivity which still means no one wanted her. Well I wanted her and I know we are going to be best friends one way or another! Now The Fonz - he is such an awesome little horse! I LOVE him to pieces. He does this funny snorting thing all the time and it cracks us up. He does the coolest thing when lunging him... I am going to try and video today and put it up on the barn page. Its SO neat! He too is super smart and very talented with his movement and body placement. He needs some SERIOUS SERIOUS spa treatment time. His tail is one big really ugly dread, and his mane is long and beautiful minus the HUGE dreads in it. So.... when he finally gets a bath, and spa treatments, I think he will the cutest little Roman nosed gelding in the world!

They each have their strengths, and that is what we hope to play up with each of them. They are both going to end up being super nice horses. I like The Fonz just fine, but there is something about a mare that I just LOVE! Either way - they are both mine and they have hit the lottery when it comes to horses. They will live a life of luxury full of love, good feed (Total Equine) and lots of attention. So.... my goal for this week with them is - BATH TIME!

                                                      I LOVE MIMZEE & THE FONZ

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